Crystals + Essential Oils for Grounding

essential oils for grounding

During my first psychic training many moons ago, our first lesson was on grounding. 

Grounding refers to our energetic connection to the earth, and being grounded is the foundation for all psychic and healing work.

Being grounded is also important in day-to-day life.  Symptoms of not being grounded include feeling anxious or scattered, feeling disconnected from your physical body or feeling dissociated, losing things or getting lost. 

But when we are grounded and connected to the Earth, we experience a feeling of being safe, calm, and embodied. 

Grounding can be difficult for empaths because our energy bodies have a tendency to be constantly "checking in" with other people.  As an empath and also a Vata (the airy dosha in Ayurveda), staying grounded is challenging for me, and I often have to ground myself multiple times a day using meditation and visualization along with crystals and essential oils. 

Here are the crystals and essential oils that I love to work with:

Patchouli Essential Oil - the oil of physicality, which helps us become fully present in our body.  Apply it to the tops of your feet or simply inhale right out of the bottle.

Hematite - the most grounding of all crystals.  Carry it in your pocket or hold a large piece when  feeling scattered.

Peace Essential Oil - a soothing blend which includes vetiver, the most grounding of all oils.  Peace is my #1 oil to diffuse during meditation.

Agate - agate energy is extremely stable.  Agate brings balance and stabilizes physical energy.  Place a small piece in each of the 4 corners of your home for a stable space.

Balance Essential Oil - a blend of tree oils and roots.  It invokes the calm, present, stable energy of trees.  Apply Balance to the soles of your feet in the morning.

Smokey Quartz - a crystal that is strongly linked to Earth energy as well as the lower chakras.  It gently grounds scattered energy and supports a feeling of safety.  Carry a tumbled stone or wear a smokey quartz necklace to carry its energy with you.

All of these products are available here in my shop, either individually or as a grounding set. The set is available either with full size bottles or 1m sample bottles, if you'd like to try the oils first to see how they work for you.

Questions?  You know I'm always here for you!  Send a message or email at love@radiantempath.com


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