An Empath's Life Purpose

On a spiritual level, empaths are light workers who incarnate with the intention of transmuting energy. They are divine alchemists, leading the evolution of humanity into heart-centered consciousness.   This is the divine purpose for their sensitivity.

Empaths accomplish this by deliberately incarnating into family lines with unprocessed trauma and dysfunction. As they identify and release the underlying energy, conditioning and limiting beliefs associated with their family’s wounds, they free themselves from the subsequent mental and emotional pain that has been perpetuating itself for centuries.

Because of the holographic nature of reality, the world is forever changed and “upgraded” as empaths do the inner work to heal and release these energies of the collective.

If this feels overwhelming, remember that an empath’s central task is to transform their own individual state of consciousness. Although all empaths feel a natural draw to help others, their primary directive is to align themselves first.

And then in time, their new frequency will become a guiding light for others, and they will intuitively know what to do in order to be of greatest service.

In the words of Yung Pueblo:

“A hero is one who heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same”.