Abalone Shells for Cleansing + Smudging

$24.00 CAD

Shimmery abalone shell smudge bowls are traditionally used for the energy-clearing ritual of smudging to catch the ashes that fall away from the sage or smudging stick.  Abalone shells also make captivating altar bowls for herbs, crystals or other offerings.

These sage bowls are extra beautiful!  They measure approximately 5" x 3.5" and each one is completely unique.  Your shell may vary slightly from the photo but is guaranteed to be beautiful.

Healing Properties:

Abalone shells carry the soothing energy of the ocean and are associated with the water element.  Their iridescent beauty emanates calm and helps to heal emotional trauma, inviting feelings of love and compassion.  

This listing is for 1 abalone smudge bowl.  Your bowl will come lovingly packaged with a description of its healing qualities and an affirmation card chosen just for you.