Chakra Smudge Sticks for Energizing + Rebalancing

$10.00 CAD

These colour healing chakra smudge sticks will add an energizing and re-balancing energy to your altar or living space. Smudge sticks are traditionally used for the ritual of energy clearing, house blessing and sacred ceremony.

Each stick is gently bundled together with white sage, rainbow rose petals and cotton cord. The RAINBOW colours correspond to the 7 chakras and support a regenerating energy that helps one feel happier and more alive.

Additional Healing Properties:
• White sage is thought to clear away negative energy and invoke the presence of spirit
• Roses add the energy of divine love

This listing is for one smudge stick, lovingly packaged with an information sheet and an affirmation card chosen just for you. Please allow for variation as each smudge stick is completely unique. Yours may vary slightly from the photo but is guaranteed to be beautiful.