LOVE White Sage Smudge Kit

$55.00 CAD

Powerfully clear your space and invoke the energy of love with this beautiful crystal smudge kit. Contains 5 sacred tools to help clear your space and uplift your spirits. Your kit will come lovingly packaged with healing properties + instructions for use.



1 White Sage Stick with Rose Petals + Lavender:
White sage is a ceremonial herb that has been used for centuries in the energy-clearing ritual of smudging. The smoke of sacred white sage is thought to clear away negative energy and invoke the presence of spirit. These sticks have been hand wrapped with rose petals and lavender to add the energies of unconditional love and serenity.

1 Palo Santo Stick:
The wood of the sacred Palo Santo tree is revered in Incan culture, as the smoke of this mystical and magical holy tree is said to purify, clear energy, and restore health and vitality.

1 Selenite Stick:
Selenite is an ethereal stone with a high vibration that invokes clarity of mind. Selenite is a calming crystal that brings inner peace.

1 Rose Quartz Heart:
Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and teaches the true meaning of love.

1 Abalone Smudge Bowl:
Abalone shells carry the soothing energy of the ocean and are associated with the water element. Their iridescent beauty emanates calm and helps to heal emotional trauma, inviting feelings of love and compassion.

Each smudge kit is completely unique. Yours may vary slightly from the photo but is guaranteed to be beautiful.