Gold Sheen Obsidian Athame for Sacred Ceremony

$79.00 CAD

These powerful obsidian athames are perfect tools for casting circles, spell work, initiations and other ceremonies and rituals. Each one is hand carved from gold sheen obsidian and infused with protective energy. Please note that each dagger is completely unique - some are more black and some are more gold, but all have a beautiful golden sheen.

Healing Properties:

An athame is a ceremonial dagger used for various ceremonies and rituals. It is a personal tool and should never be used to cut, for it is an extension of the energy of its owner. The more it is used, the more power it will possess.

Obsidian is a powerful grounding crystal that provides stability and protection. Gold Sheen Obsidian brings insight and is thought to provide information concerning the root of a problem. It reflects what is needed in a situation and reveals what actions one could take to meet those needs.

This listing is for one gold sheen obsidian athame, approximately 7" long. Your athame will come lovingly packaged with an information sheet and an affirmation card chosen just for you.