Tumbled Champagne Aura Quartz for Enthusiasm + Vitality

$3.00 CAD

Champagne Aura Quartz is a high frequency crystal that carries the energy of transmutation and harmony. Champagne Aura supports the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, bringing vitality, creativity and personal power to these energy centres. Champagne Aura can re-ignite enthusiasm & passion and revitalize those in healing professions. As with all aura quartz, Champagne Aura also brings an energy of play and encourages the enjoyment of life.

This listing is for one beautiful piece of tumbled champagne aura quartz, about .75" - 1" in size, which will come lovingly packaged with a card describing its healing properties. Hold it in your hand during meditation, place it in your living space or display it on your altar to invoke a feeling of harmony and play.