Radiant Empath was created to help sensitive people thrive. 

Founded by artist, empath and clairvoyant Karen Bell, Radiant Empath offers a beautiful array of energetic tools and talismans to support an empath's sensitivity and spiritual connection.  

What is a "Radiant Empath"?

An empath is a highly sensitive person who is also highly clairsentient (clairsentience is the intuitive ability that makes the empath's trademark gift of "feeling other people's emotions" possible). 

A "radiant empath" is an empath who has learned how to honour their sensitivity and utilize it to the fullest.  A radiant empath seeks to align with their highest self and express this energy out into the world. 

The intention of Radiant  Empath is to offer the tools, support, education and sense of community that supports this journey.

Karen's Story:

Radiant Empath began as the Etsy shop "Begin Within Jewelry" in the summer of 2013.  I created the shop as a way to express my love for color healing and jewelry making, and also to spread an important message: "change begins within". 

As I evolved, so did my shop.  I felt drawn to offer the crystals and other metaphysical tools that have helped me on my own path, and I started to expand my offerings to include more than just my jewelry.

At this time I also started to notice that more and more empaths were being drawn to me for intuitive readings.  Many of them weren't familiar with the term "empath", and I found myself educating them on sensitivity, energy management and psychic awareness. 

When Covid-19 hit in 2020, I was drawn to re-evaluate my trajectory as I was no longer able to offer in-person intuitive readings.  For many of my clients as well as myself, the pandemic was a cosmic re-direction.  I felt guided to combine my online shop with my new role educating empaths, and Begin Within was re-born into "Radiant Empath".

I am incredibly grateful for my shop and all the beautiful people I've met as a result of it.  Creating community and connection is truly at the heart of what I do.  If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to my attention at love@radiantempath.com.