Radiant Empath is an online metaphysical shop located in London, Ontario, Canada.  Radiant Empath is a Star Seller on Etsy, with 5000+ sales and 1000+ five-star reviews. 

Founded by artist, empath and clairvoyant Karen Bell, Radiant Empath offers a beautiful array of products to support one's sensitivity and spiritual connection.  

What is a "Radiant Empath"?

An empath is a highly sensitive person who is also highly clairsentient (clairsentience is the intuitive ability that makes the empath's trademark gift of "feeling other people's emotions" possible). 

A "radiant empath" is an empath who has learned how to honour their sensitivity and utilize it to the fullest.  A radiant empath seeks to align with their highest self and express this energy out into the world. 

The intention of Radiant Empath is to offer products, support, education and community for empaths and highly sensitive people.