What is Crystal Healing?

what is crystal healing

 Do you love crystals?

Have you ever felt a mysterious affinity for certain gemstones, but you’re not sure why?

If so, you’re likely being guided to explore the magical realm of crystal healing.

Crystal healing is the ancient healing art of using crystals as vibrational tools to balance energy and create harmony in all areas of your life.

Although they appear to be inanimate objects, crystals are alive and full of energy. Crystals work through resonance and vibration, emanating and amplifying Universal healing energy as it is expressed through Mother Earth.

Think of crystals like wireless routers, beaming invisible yet very real signals throughout your environment. These signals blend with your own subtle energy field, reconnecting you to the Earth, amplifying your intentions and bringing balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Crystal Spirits

As you work with crystals, you will eventually come to recognize them as “beings” instead of objects. In the spiritual realm, crystals belong to the elementals, the group of spirits that oversee and protect Mother Earth. Tree spirits and fairies are other members of the elemental kingdom.

Like fairies, crystal spirits have unique personalities, energies, ideas and wisdom to offer. But they also share a collective intention to remind us of the importance of feeling connected to Mother Earth and treating her with love and respect. When you work with crystals, you enhance your connection to Gaia, the spirit of the Earth.


How to Choose a Crystal

The most beautiful thing to know about choosing crystals is that you can’t get it wrong. Even people who don’t consider themselves intuitive are almost always naturally drawn to a specific stone or crystal, only to find out later how perfect the stone is for them at that particular point in time.

When choosing crystals, I recommend going with the stones you are visually drawn to and learning all the details about the healing properties of the gem after you have selected it. This ensures that your surface mind doesn’t get in the way or try to talk you out of your initial intuitive instinct.

This also honors the fact that a crystal spirit is energetically communicating with you and likely wants to work with you, or someone close to you that you will eventually gift this crystal to. Your attraction is an indicator that the crystal has chosen you as its temporary “Earth Keeper”.

Alternatively, if you have a specific area of your life that needs healing, you can be more intentional about the crystals you are choosing. Think about where you need help or guidance in your life and hold that desire in your mind. Then, be aware of what stones you feel attracted to. Common desires include finances + success, fertility, relationships, physical healing and spiritual awareness.

If you are choosing a crystal as a gift, close your eyes and visualize the person for whom the crystal is being chosen. When you open your eyes, notice which crystals catch your eye and resonate with you. Remember, you can’t get it wrong.

How to Use Crystals

If you’re new to crystal healing, you may be drawn to crystals but still feel unsure of how to actually use them. Here is a list of ideas to get you started:

Crystals can create magic in your life by reminding you of your place in the Divine whole. They can remind you of your inner power and reconnect you with your inner wisdom.  If you are new to crystal healing, I hope you come to love crystals as much as I do.