Selenite Athame with Pentacle

$59.00 CAD

These powerful selenite athames are perfect tools for casting circles, spell work, initiations and other ceremonies and rituals.  Each one is hand carved from selenite and infused with magickal energy.  Please allow for some variation as each athame is completely unique.

Healing Properties:

An athame is a ceremonial dagger used  for various ceremonies and rituals.  It is a personal tool and is not used to cut or harm, for it is an extension of the energy of its owner.  The more it is used, the more power it will possess.  

Selenite is a soothing stone that brings a sense of calm to any space. Selenite can be used to form a protective shield around a home, creating a safe space that blocks outside influences. Selenite has a clearing and cleansing effect on other crystals and objects in its field.

This listing is for one selenite athame, approximately 9.5" long.  Your athame will come carefully packaged with an information sheet and an affirmation card chosen just for you.